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Is There Strength in Numbers?

Brands that own and leverage a number can stand out on a crowded shelf. A simple number that helps a consumer relate to a fact about a brand can drive deeper meaning and justify a purchase.

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Tin For The Win

Lately there seems to be a revival of tin packaging. They’re often seen asnostalgic; a nod to when tin was the best option for protection from spoiling.

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The Medium Is The Message

We process information differently based on the medium through which we consume content. The exact same information seen on a screen is interpreted differently than on the pages of a paper-bound book. The same can be said about your product. By putting your product in the hands of consumers, you are offering a more real and vivid product experience. This is a vital tool when trying to produce sales.

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When Attendees Become Believers

Outdoor Retailer is organized and managed by the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), which hosted the same show I attended this past November. However, this show was different. The atmosphere was high energy. Loud music played through-out the convention center and beer was handed out at the end of the day. I could tell everyone was happy to be there. Rewind two years ago and this was not the case.

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Lost In Translation

People in the trade community often joke that customs compliance wonks speak a different language than everyone else. But in a world where online sales are skyrocketing, and two-day shipping is an expectation instead of a luxury, the language barrier is no longer just an inconsequential jest.

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The Future of Trade

With 40 new Democrats joining the House of Representatives, all eyes are on how the new majority will challenge President Trump’s ability to work across the politically divided government. Trade policy will be at center stage.

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Are Top Leaders Hurting Their Bottom Line?

Leaders are assumed to be the ones that guide themselves and others to do the right thing. They inspire others while most importantly building trust. However, while mapping out the direction in which the brand needs to go, they can sometimes take the wrong path. Design Director, Bart Laube, explores seven ways leaders can ultimately end up hurting their brand more than helping it.

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The Power of First Impressions

Package design is all about visual, on-shelf impact. Whether that impact stems from product recognition, appealing aesthetics, or eye-catching design, it should come as no surprise that imagery plays a huge role in creating these visual influences. Imagery can also help explain what the package contains, convey a level of value or quality, and even evoke a subconscious emotional response or connection to a product.

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