ALDI liveGfree

ALDI, a leading grocery retailer known for its high-quality private-label products at everyday low prices, wanted to act quickly to meet the needs of an evolving and diverse consumer base. In order to draw a new audience and grow share, the company decided to increase focus on its specialty brand offering. Throughout the project, we focused on the goal to meet or beat national brands across both price and quality of offering.

In collaboration with ALDI, we sought to deliver a fresh take on gluten-free category insights, strategy and packaging design. From the start, the ALDI buying team established an aggressive in-store timeline in order to launch this brand in conjunction with Celiac Awareness Month in May. As a result, we would need to work smart to meet the lead times across a variety of different supplier partners.

The traditional gluten-free offering has a consumer perception of being tasteless and boring. ALDI, on the contrary, demands that all of its private-label foods meet or beat the national brands on taste, and LiveGfree was no exception. Kaleidoscope would need to work hard to make sure the key design elements spoke to flavor, first and foremost. The brand story had to celebrate life and deliver a positive outlook for the gluten-free consumer to believe and trust. We knew that the brandmark and design should be approachable and easy to shop, while avoiding the prescriptive look and feel we saw in other health-related categories.

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ALDI liveGfree package design