A fitness brand gets a new set of muscles

Wells Street CrossFit is a fresh face on the Chicago fitness scene. Their vision evolves from a long-held truth about working out; those with a passion for their practice have found the thing that works for them. To some that means an IRONMAN competition. To others it’s a loud, sweaty spin class. And to others, it’s being able to pick up their kids and carry them with ease—and without the risk of injury. Wells Street CrossFit helps their members understand what a “fitness routine” means—wherever you sit on the fitness spectrum. Their philosophy is not complicated:

  • Help members develop their “inner athlete”
  • Teach bodies to move efficiently using cross-training techniques that increase strength, mobility, stamina, mental acuteness and fun!
  • Change the workout to keep the body from loosing momentum

Defining the brand

The Wells Street team approached Kaleidoscope in need of a corporate identity and launch strategy that reflected their brand essence. A key question was how to stand out from the aggressive look and voice that had become so expected in the “health club” category. After meeting with a host of design agencies, and seeing presentations with the usual hard-core concepts, the client had a somewhat jaded view of design practitioners.

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