We believe brand building is more needle in a haystack than lightning in a bottle. It just takes a proven methodology and a healthy dose of trial-and-error to get there. When it comes to crafting your brand identity, our approach is a holistic one: our six disciplines work together to ensure your brand’s visual and graphic assets are cohesive, compelling, and instantly recognizable across all channels and touchpoints.

Brand Equity Assessment
Identity Design
Visual Language
Brand Stewardship


Brand equity includes all those assets that only your brand can claim. The swoosh on a pair of Nike sneakers, the arrow on an Amazon Prime package, the bitten apple on a Macbook. In terms of visual assets, graphic language, and strategic initiatives, these brands significantly invest in designing and defending what makes them unique. If you are looking to invest in your brand equities, too, we can help you maximize your current assets and brand expression from a future-forward point of view. 


Identity design includes all of your brand’s visual and tangible assets such as the logo, color scheme, iconography and typography but also includes practical, everyday elements such as your website, social media channels, and corporate collateral. Whether it’s refreshing your logo, designing a new one, or developing additional touchpoints, let us know what you need and we’ll make sure it’s on-brand.


Every brand has a set of distinctive assets. When done successfully, these design elements visually express your brand while also differentiating it from the category. They can also create the foundation for building meaningful connections with consumers by leveraging what makes the brand recognizable and then pushing it in new directions such as Skittles.


One of our most important responsibilities for your brand identity is brand stewardship. As brand advocates, our teams ensure that design solutions align with your brand’s core guidelines, while respectfully and strategically evolving to capitalize on whitespace opportunities. To discover how we have done this for brands across diverse categories, take a look at Dove, KITCO, and Folgers Noir.


Creating a unified, impactful brand identity starts with contacting our team of experts at Kaleidoscope.

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