Duracell Optimum  - Brand Identity
Duracell Optimum - Structural Packaging Design


Building a Better Battery Pack

You don’t get to be the #1 trusted battery brand by resting on your laurels. When Duracell was ready to debut Optimum, an alkaline battery with a new cathode system, the packaging team knew the experience had to look and feel different. Additionally, the brand had identified key insights to consider: consumers were frustrated by battery storage, often losing them to the abyss of junk drawers; and retailers needed a better way to optimize the battery category at shelf. Our solution included broad store auditing to understand the battery environment across mass and convenience retailers, followed by a collaborative innovation workshop with real-time prototyping that grouped ideas by sustainability, user experience, and manufacturing feasibility. The resulting Optimum packaging was a sleek, resealable box that offered at-home storage, and enabled a retailer presence that maximized inventory for dramatic brand blocking. Since launch, Duracell Optimum has experienced significant market success, proving that the brand’s pursuit of innovation will never lose power.

Duracell Optimum  - Opening Ceremony
Duracell Optimum  - In Use
Duracell Optimum - Shelf Set