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Kaleidoscope is an independent brand consultancy with offices in Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Dubai, and Minneapolis. Our teams integrate strategy, design and prototyping to solve complex business challenges that deliver tangible results.

Our integrated six core competencies include brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design, structural design development, design implementation, and prototyping & mock-up.

Unilever Dove Body Polish - Case Study
Folgers Noir - Case Study
Dunkin - Case Study
Skittles America Mix - Case Study
Copper Fox - Case Study
Sylvania - Case Study

Kettle Cooked - Case Study

Thermos - Case Study
Folgers Noir - Case Study
Unilever Dove Body Polish - Case Study
Lillie’s Q - Case Study
Swiss Miss - Case Study
Halo - Case Study
Sylvania - Case Study
Kettle Cooked - Case Study


Our Pointing North™ methodology is designed to maximize your team’s strengths and ideas while respectfully challenging the brief. Combined with over 20 proven design tools, the methodology allows our creative teams to do their best work and gives our clients a strategic rationale for decision making.

Whether you’re in the early phases of launching your startup or you’re a global business looking to take your brand to the next level, our methodology is scalable to suit your needs.

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As a global branding, packaging, and realization agency headquartered in Chicago, we’re able to deliver our clients very real results through a multi-disciplinary model that’s unlike any other.

The difference that we deliver isn’t just what our six disciplines are, but rather how we use them. We believe making cross-functional collaboration real means working side-by-side, challenging one another, and delivering tangible results you can hold in your hands – and see in your bottom line.