Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy

Big ideas only maintain their impact when they can be successfully implemented in the real world. Rooted in years of client engagement, our brand strategy toolbox is a testament to our commitment to turning visionary thinking into tangible consumer connections.

Consumer Insights
& Trend Analysis

Who are my consumers today, and what motivates them? How can I reach new audiences while maintaining  brand promise with existing consumers? Our teams can help uncover and contextualize the research findings that are relevant to your goals.

Brand & Product

Creating the right name for your brand or product requires a deliberate process rooted in your brand’s positioning. We’re adept at providing smart options that are not only memorable, but serve to unify brand strategy, ignite curiosity, and foster lasting engagement.

Brand Equity
& Positioning

Using a number of tools, including our Pointing North™ methodology, we navigate competitive brand positioning through strategic lenses to find and craft your ownable visual and verbal spaces.

Story & Communication

Your brand story breathes life into your strategy, while your communication architecture translates it across channels. Our team knows it’s about more than selling; a compelling brand story resonates with target consumers, inspires advocacy, and amplifies your message.

Brand & Portfolio

Brand architecture creates an organized roadmap for delivering on the full potential of your brand. By connecting consumer need states, product categories, and visual strategies into a unified foundation, we’ll help you maximize differentiation and growth.


We believe cross-functional collaboration fuels true innovation. Our approach includes specialized tools, group activities, and iterative prototyping designed to enable rapid idea evaluation, real-time feedback, and manufacturing feasibility.

I need to…

Develop original branding to help my challenger brand win at shelf

But what is “original”? Through proven and proprietary brand strategy tools, we will get to know your consumers within their cultural context, evaluate your competition, and uncover the white space only your brand can occupy and own—then create a brand expression worthy of it. Case Study: Lillie’s Q

Launch, relaunch, or extend my brand into new categories

We are brand builders. We can start fresh, or refresh, without losing sight of the real ask: imprint your brand on to the hearts and minds of target consumers across aisles and channels by intimately understanding what drives them in every space. Case Study: Roundbarn Distillery

Uncover opportunities to reach & connect with new audiences

Do you possess the winning strategy to engage a new audience? How can you authentically connect with a target demographic unfamiliar with your brand? Our consumer research expertise will not only evaluate the potential of expanding your brand to a new audience but also provide a precise roadmap for achieving it successfully. Case Study: Cafe Bustelo

Clarify my brand positioning to compete with emerging competitors

You’ve got a good thing going, which means it will be challenged—and copied. To compete (and win), we’ll make sure your brand’s uniqueness and your product’s value proposition are crystal clear, with a compelling brand and creative strategy to match. Case Study: Kitco

Organize my brand offerings to better define its value to new and existing consumers

As you grow, it’s important to evaluate and, in some case, redefine the value your products provide to consumer segments. Our approach to brand architecture considers research, trends, and your innovation pipeline to smartly position your brand for now and the future. Case Study: Thermos

Innovate to maintain relevancy

Upstream product development. Sub-brand naming and branding. Packaging design refreshes. Staying relevant is a continuous process, but through tabletop reviews and innovation workshops, we’ll deliver fresh thinking, design, and execution. Case Study: Fairlife