Our Capabilities


Our approach to brand and packaging design isn’t just about big ideas or aesthetics. It’s about delivering tangible business results across multiple channels. Informed by strategy and in collaboration with our Prototyping and Implementation teams, we create and deploy brand assets for emotional and functional resonance—and exceptional ROI.

Identity Design

Informed by competitive and category deep dives, our team will design your brand’s visual and graphic assets to be cohesive, compelling, and recognizable across all channels and touchpoints.

Packaging Design

We have decades of combined experience in CPG design. We’ll ideate, craft, and refine across product forms until we embody your brand’s essence, captivate consumers, and build brand recognition.

Structural Packaging

Whether delivering a better consumer experience or increasing shipping efficiency, our team will help you cultivate on-brand experiences that disrupt and delight.

Design Implementation

Compelling consumer packaging design means nothing if it can’t be achieved in the real world. Our Implementation artists serve as your brand stewards, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and effective delivery of design intent according to precise technical specifications.

In-Store Marketing Support

There’s an art and science to in-store activation. We’ll help you capture attention and drive sales with impactful strategies and visually engaging campaigns.

Design Adaptation

By gaining a deep understanding of your brand, our teams can adapt packaging design systems across new formats, line extensions, and into new markets, ensuring consistency and maximum impact.

I need to…

Refresh an outdated brand expression at shelf and online

The competition never lets up, and even brand packaging design from 1-2 years ago can feel tired. We’ll assess your existing brand elements and packaging, map them against trends and insights in consumer behavior, and design an evolution—or revolution—to ensure dramatic shelf presence. Case Study: Swiss Miss

Create distinctly different packaging designs for consumer testing and validation

Many agencies provide a range of creative options during a design exercise, but our Pointing North™ methodology promises distinct and testably different ideas by seeing the challenge through four unique lenses. Not only will you get provocative design, but you’ll get the answers you need from consumer studies to make the best decisions for your brand.

Ensure my packaging reflects the most relevant, resonant brand story

Sometimes, brand packaging design is no longer an accurate representation of a brand’s story, ethos, or consumers. When it’s time to evolve, we’ll look at every input, from competitive design to consumer insights, to create new packaging that fits who you are now—and where you’re headed. Case Study: Thermos

Solidify and extend my design system to new products and categories

How do you make sure your new product innovations mesh with your brand visual portfolio? We do it by designing several steps ahead, building design architectures that integrate all the various parts of your brand across categories and channels. Case Study: RXBAR

Reimagine the role of photography and imagery for my products

While many overlook the significance of photography in packaging design, we consider it a pivotal facet of your brand expression. Photography, to us, is a vital conduit of emotional connection with consumers. It isn’t an afterthought; rather, it’s an integral component of our brand-building process, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

Update my visual and verbal strategy to drive smart decision-making

If consumers are struggling to understand your value proposition at shelf, our subject-matter experrts will take a close look at how it’s represented, and offer solutions to rearrange—or reinvent—the message for consideration and purchase. Case Study: Chicago Cutlery

Ensure my emerging brand can compete/stand out with established brands at shelf

When you’re new to a category, sometimes it pays to follow a few norms…and sometimes it doesn’t. Depending on your brand strategy, you may need to do a little of both. We’ll design the best balance to make a big impression. Case Study: Egglife