About Us

Putting people first in all we do

We are an integrated brand design and prototyping agency that believes an intentional culture of transparency and putting people first fosters inclusion, growth, and success for team members and clients. Communication is key.

The most effective brand solutions require both abstract thinking and tangible results. Like a kaleidoscope that combines colors, shapes, and forms for a unique, ever-changing point of view, our creative collective of thinkers, designers and makers come from all backgrounds and flex all types of skills to collaborate on perspectives rooted in Strategy, Design and Prototyping.


Insights help us understand our true opportunities. Building on them and using a variety of tools, we’ll help you create a clear, distinctive, results-driven brand strategy.

Consumer Insights & Trend Analysis
Brand & Product Naming
Qualitative & Quantitative Research
Brand Equity & Positioning
Story & Communication Strategy
Brand & Portfolio Architecture
Innovation Workshops

How We Build Brands >


In a sea of competition at shelf and online, the power of packaging design cannot be understated. Great work delivers on the full intent of the brand, inviting consumers into a story that extends far beyond a single interaction.

Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design
Structural Packaging Development
Brand Asset Development
Design Implementation
In-Store Marketing Support
Design Adaptation

How We Design For Impact >


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a packaging prototype is worth a thousand pictures. Realizing packaging concepts as tangible prototypes is a sure way to test with consumers and sell into retailers.

Packaging Comps & Mock-Ups
Prototyping & Prove-Out
Digital Renderings & Retouching
In-Market Test Samples
Sales & Influencer Kits
Hero Packaging for TV & Print
Color Development
Production Artwork

How We Make It Real >

Where creativity meets craftsmanship and technology meets methodology

Our approach is an agile integration of Strategy, Design and Prototyping, resulting in solutions that transcend the brand promise and deliver visual assets for today’s omni-channel experience.

Consumer insights are gathered through iterative prototyping for early and continuous feedback. Concepts are developed and refined with a deep understanding of printing ecosystems. And packaging systems that drive brand impact and deliver results are brought to life.

As your brand advocates, we have the expertise, artistry and craftsmanship to offer strategic solutions across the product development journey that drive purchase decisions both online and at shelf.

What We Stand For



We take pride in delivering results to our clients and are passionate about mastering our craft with every project.


Learn Continuously

Your creativity is uniquely your own and we encourage the curiosity, discipline, and work ethic that’s required for continuously learning your craft.


Accountable To Each Other

We believe in pushing one another, following through on promises, and leveraging cross-disciplinary mastery teams across our design agency.



We believe celebrating our success, learning from our losses, and being good to each other along the way.

It takes ongoing commitment to put people first and live our values. That’s why we’ve incorporated intentional recognition and rewards into our culture, and we’re continually listening to and acting on our team’s great ideas. Here’s a snapshot of how we make Kaleidoscope a “people first” place to work, every day.

  • Bonusly recognition platform
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns (virtual and in-person)
  • Annual Employee Week at our Chicago headquarters
  • Virtual Employee art show
  • Quarterly Employee Award with $500 bonus and happy hour