Prototyping & Mock-Up

The most effective way to evaluate a design concept? Make it real. Whether it’s a physical prototype of a product or a graphic mock-up of a packaging design, our Realization team provides solutions for concept reviews, consumer research, and sales samples. The result equips clients with validated designs so they can go-to-market more quickly and with confidence.

Color Development
Packaging Comps & Mock-Ups
Product Prototyping
Direct Imaging & Digital Printing
3D Printing & CNC Machining
In-Market Sales Samples
Sales & Influencer Kits

Color Development

Accurate color development across all brand platforms is essential for your brand’s presence. We offer color management services to ensure that your brand shows up consistently at every touchpoint. Whether you are exploring color across new substrates, reviewing proofs for design approval or testing the consistency of artwork across different manufacturing constraints, our experts are experienced in managing some of the world’s largest color libraries.
  • Unlimited color matching capabilities
  • Proofing/color drawdowns across substrates
  • Color conversion across technology
  • Manual color, paint & finishing

Packaging Comps & Mock-Ups

Packaging comps and mock-ups are where our theories come to life. Whether we’re testing color, form or graphics, the ability to make concepts concrete give us a holistic perspective on brand and design intent. A well-executed mock-up is valuable for routing and feedback; research; assessing balance and continuity; and aligning with production.
  • Packaging hero / beauty comps
  • Proof-of-concept with most substrates or structures
  • Color and graphic variants for testing and research
  • Meeting production requirements
  • Packaging sales samples

Product Prototyping

Whether you are designing the next iconic brand, testing the efficacy of a memorable opening ceremony, or developing solutions to an ergonomic challenge, the ability to generate assessments from a physical product prototype is crucial. We have the experience, talent, and technology to develop packaging concepts for research and evaluation at all stages of the design process.
  • CNC machining and 3D printing
  • Molding & casting
  • Vacuum forming
  • Painting and finishing

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a cost-effective printing solution that can be used for a variety of applications within the workflow, including review of four color process design iterations, spot color conversion of design files for marketing approval, hero packaging, and short run sales sample needs.
  • Extensive color gamut
  • Extensive substrate library
  • White & metallic emerging
  • Short run samples
  • Large format printing
  • High volume printing

Direct Imaging

Direct Imaging allows for the simulation of special effects that are critical to the look and feel of your brand or product. This discipline is ideal for packaging prototypes that appear in print or on television. Direct Imaging can also be used to evaluate the special effects within your design and share them easily with your teams, production and agency partners. This can reduce speed to market by addressing print considerations early on in design development.
  • Unlimited color matching
  • Proofing on most substrates
  • Unlimited special effects (foils, metallics, spot varnishes, etc.)
  • The color gamut includes metallic, metalure, fluorescent, pearlescent, hot foil stamping
  • Allows for imaging onto sheeted or flexible materials.

3D Printing

The process of 3D printing involves creating parts through multiple layers of plastic filaments, resins, plastic, and metal powders, among other materials. As an integral part of our iterative prototyping methodology, 3D printing allows us to rapidly produce a CAD design into a “works-like, looks-like” physical product or packaging prototype.
  • High fidelity object & SLA printing
  • Low fidelity desktop printing
  • Form study modeling
  • Working assemblies
  • Fully functional appearance models
  • Direct metal printing

In-Market Sales Samples

Our Realization team can produce 1 to 10,000 high-quality retail samples on quick timelines. We can customize a solution for any project, and our ability to create any variation of finished packaging prototype is unsurpassed.
  • Test market research
  • Retail packaging samples
  • Shelf set reviews
  • Long lead sales samples
  • Fulfillment

Sales & Influencer Kits

Beyond physical packaging prototypes that you can test before a product launch, we can also develop sales and influencer kits that will help your brand stand out, make an impact, and get a higher ROI from your marketing campaigns. From assembly, manufacturing and fulfillment needs, we leverage our in-house graphic design, structural design and Realizations teams to produce creative solutions for contemporary marketing strategies.
  • Corrugate
  • Set up boxes
  • Vacuum forms
  • Unique shapes
  • Special effects and finishes
  • Kitting
  • Fulfillment


The prototyping and mock-up phase is not only one of the most crucial parts of the process but also one of the most exciting! For more information and guidance on the above deliverables, give our Realization team a call today.

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