Duracell Optimum  - Brand Identity
Duracell Optimum - Structural Packaging Design


Leading The Charge On Design

With an all-new propriety technology, Duracell Optimum brings a disruptive, powerful new charge to the battery category. To emphasize this difference, Duracell called on Kaleidoscope to design a revolutionary new take on battery packaging. By repeatedly prototyping concepts to test for hanging, standing and durability, our prevailing design was optimized and ready to make waves. Throughout the process, we leveraged constant consumer feedback to ensure usability and ergonomics all the way down to how the battery pack feels in consumers’ hands. With this megawatt combination of an innovative battery and disruptive packaging, Duracell Optimum has experienced significant success in market, ensuring that their pursuit of future innovation never loses power.

Duracell Optimum  - Opening Ceremony
Duracell Optimum  - In Use
Duracell Optimum - Shelf Set


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