Consumer Research Webinar


Only 11% of Fortune 1000 companies use market research to make business decisions according to Harvard Business Review. So, why isn’t research used more often? Traditional research vehicles can be slow and expensive alienating companies who don’t have the budget or the luxury of time.

Matt Warta, CEO of GutCheck, and Adara Bowen, Marketing Director & Strategist of Kaleidoscope, discuss how innovative brands are leveraging on-demand research communities to deliver robust consumer insights within 48-hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional research vehicles.

As part of the discussion, Adara shared how Kaleidoscope, used GutCheck’s software-based community solution to complete a consumer behavior study and concept test for large consumer products companies, each within 48 hours from the start of recruitment.

This session is ideal for professionals in consumer insights, brand marketing, and product research who want to learn how innovative brands are leveraging software-enabled solutions to realize not only game-changing increases in research timeliness but also step-function decreases in costs.

From this Webinar you will:

  • Learn about Agile Market Research solutions including on-demand communities
  • Discover how large, successful brands are adopting this approach
  • Determine what types of research projects fit well with an Agile Market Research approach

About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the world premiere integrated design and realization agency headquartered in Chicago with locations in New York, UK, and most recently, Los Angeles. Kaleidoscope’s multi-disciplinary teams believe in Co-Creation or collaborative partnership with clients to apply consumer-insight-driven design strategies to brand communication. Iterative Design Thinking®, the agency’s proprietary approach to design, includes the use of Rapid Ideation, Iterative Prototyping and Rapid Research to quickly gather and build on feedback from key stakeholders and consumers, bringing best practices to market. Kaleidoscope specializes in the areas of brand strategy, visual identity, product design, structural and graphic packaging design, and realization, which encompasses design implementation, artwork production and prototyping. For more information visit

About GutCheck

GutCheck® builds and deploys real-time applications that provide instant access to a brand’s audience for qualitative research purposes. Our Focus? The right people at the right time for the right result.

We specifically designed our technology platform for researchers, agencies, brand stewards and curious marketers who need a quick way to find answers. Our customers keep coming back to us, because we make access to insights fast, affordable, and flexible.

Lauren LicataBy Lauren Licata
Social Media & Content Strategist, Kaleidoscope Chicago