Liz Reese
Creative Director

August 29, 2019

We often get asked the question what makes Kaleidoscope different? And our reply is the people, coupled with our unique ability to collaborate and co-create together across multiple disciplines to deliver something other agencies struggle to do…

In those initial meetings with prospective clients, it’s not the hour-long PowerPoint presentation that creates a lasting impression and builds a relationship with a client, but the ability to come along the intimate journey. It’s a shared experience and an investment in a project right from the beginning. Not only does this pave the way for building a great client/agency relationship but also builds trust and allows for brands to be developed much faster through iterative design thinking and collaboration.

The icing on the cake is having the ability to present a three-dimensional mock up to the client, a tactile and tangible representation of the finished product that usually creates the true ‘aha’ moment which a PowerPoint presentation fails to deliver. It is similar to the first moment of truth, when a customer picks up a package in store and looks at it for the first time, we get the same smile from the client as the mock up is slowly revealed and the immediate impulse is for them to pick it up and touch it.

This is the first of a 6-part series of interviews that takes a unique glimpse into the lives of some of Kaleidoscope’s hard-working professionals to understand how we have used co-creation and collaboration to effectively drive our day to day business.

Julio, a Senior Model maker, can be found working daily in the model shop, he always acknowledges everyone who passes by with his warm welcoming Honduras accent and smile. He had been freelancing with Kaleidoscope since 2001 until he was hired permanently in 2013. His role as model maker involves making models, and working with the teams to determine the best process and approach to deliver the best results. His role includes: multi-disciplinary craft and techniques, master cam programing, CNC machine operation, conventional model making which includes woodworking, mold casting and rapid prototyping.

What do you love about working at Kaleidoscope?

 “The people truly make up the culture we have here. It is a very intimate company; not too large or small and we care about each other. It’s a great thing to be working alongside such a passionate group of co-workers. Also, the ability to undertake multiple tasks everyday. We have a variety of different projects at any given moment from working the CNC, mold making, painting, and everything in between.”

Which part of the job do you love the most? Why?

“Model making is my favorite as there are always new challenges that require a lot of problem solving using different materials and techniques. Plenty of trial and error often times goes into each project to make sure things work smoothly.

For one particular client, they were being turned away by a production agency for asking to attempt to create a vacuum form on a 45-degree angle. Through iterative testing, Kaleidoscope was actually able to solve the issue, allowing the manufacturer to resolve the issue and move into mass production. This alone saved the client a lot of money in the long-term”.

How often do you get to work with other disciplines in the studio?

 “It varies depending on the project, but I have worked closely with both the industrial design and mock-up teams within the last year. Additionally, I was excited to take part a few ideation sessions; it was great giving a different perspective to the ideas based on my expertise.”

What is the most memorable project you have worked on that included different disciplines across the company?

 “Oh, there have been many different projects! One of the most memorable was an oversized (3 ft. high) bottle of Amlactin lotion for a trade show as it involved many of the departments and turned out fantastic. Another memorable project was for PC Nametag. We worked closely with our industrial design team and mock-up department to create iterative models for approval, made real patterns and real models and then presented them to the client.”

Why do you think Kaleidoscope has an advantage over its competitors?

 “All of the departments work so closely, and to do what we do – to take an idea, problem solve and bring it to life is something that no other agency can deliver.”

Why would you recommend anyone use Kaleidoscope?

“We are simply the best at what we do. The quality we produce in every field is outstanding and we put a lot of passion into each project to deliver great results –quickly.

Working at Kaleidoscope is a unique experience, no matter which department you work in, we all at sometime roll up our sleeves and help each other out in some capacity, and that truly is what makes our co-creation a success story, however, we also believe the secret to success is to fail and learn continually.

Julio’s role as model maker is truly a unique position, he takes pride and passion in everything he does and he loves collaborating with teams across multiple disciplines to help problem solve and deliver that something extra.