Bryan Shova, Industrial Design Director

Bryan Shova, Industrial Design Director

Kaleidoscope, one of the nations leading CPG design firms, will now begin applying that knowledge to new categories in the developing medical and drug fields, as well as industrial and commercial tools. The company is making these moves based on its partnerships with other top of the line companies.

“We will always stay true to who we are, but by expanding into new categories we get to see how packaging changes develop across industries,” said Industrial Design Director, Bryan Shova. “We are able to see something in a new category and apply it to consumer packaged goods brands.”

By expanding into new categories, Kaleidoscope has developed great partnerships with the country’s best research and engineering companies to help deliver more holistic designs to the agency’s clients.

“I think everyone is going to benefit from our growth into new categories and partnerships,” said Shova. “Clients are going to see our team thinking more broadly and holistically about the work that we’re producing.”

In order to maximize the growth in this area, Kaleidoscope is in the process of hiring an experienced industrial designer to add on to the already strong core team.

Kaleidoscope is a market-leading design and realization agency for global CPG brands. The agency specializes in areas of retail brand strategy, structural and graphic packaging design and realization, which encompasses design implementation, artwork production and prototyping.

About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the world premiere integrated design and realization agency headquartered in Chicago with locations in Los Angeles, New York and the UK. Kaleidoscope’s multi-disciplinary teams believe in Co-Creation or collaborative partnership with clients to apply consumer-insight-driven design strategies to brand communication. Iterative Design Thinking®, the agency’s proprietary approach to design, includes the use of Rapid Ideation, Iterative Prototyping and Rapid Research to quickly gather and build on feedback from key stakeholders and consumers, bringing best practices to market. Kaleidoscope specializes in the areas of brand strategy, visual identity, product design, structural and graphic packaging design, and realization, which encompasses design implementation, artwork production and prototyping. For more information visit