CPG Trends


Kevin Kramer, Account Coordinator
June 22, 2017
Staying on top of packaging trends can make or breaks the success of your next product launch. There’s no guarantee for what the future may hold, but after visiting the Sweets & Snacks Expo this past month in Chicago, we received a glimpse at what to expect. Here are our top six trends in confectionery and snack packaging to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

1. Heating up the Candy Aisle

Brands are finding more and more ways to bring heat into the sweet treats experience. Hot and spicy is no longer one dimensional, but can rather come to life through literal heated temperature sensations, textures, and of course flavor.

2. Playing up Alternative Proteins

Alternative proteins have been a growing trend for the past 5-10 years now, with vegetable proteins being leveraged in unexpected formats like milk and smoothies. In a more traditional sense, they are also being incorporated into snacking offerings like crackers, chips, and protein powders. Brands like Ripple and Off the Eaten Path have started to lead with a pea protein and real vegetable story as not only a differentiator, but a reason to believe in the brand.

3. Could “Batch” be the New “Craft”?

As the term craft becomes diluted and is starting to take over categories spanning coffee to beer and even candy, brands are looking to differentiate in the ways they communicate their story by using phrases such as “batch made” to convey a sense of preciousness and origin. If craft is being used, it is romanced in ways such as “consciously crafted” or “freshly crafted”.

4. Multi-Sensorial Experiences

It is no longer enough to provide amazing flavor; consumers are seeking longer-lasting, multi-sensorial experiences especially in relation to the confectionery space. Take a look at Jolly Rancher who brings all senses together in their new “filled pops” — Hard on the outside, chewy on the inside, with multiple flavor sensations in-between.

5. Premium Popcorn Delivered in Color

Gary Poppins, Tiny But Mighty, and Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop continue to breathe fresh air into the longtime snacking favorite, popcorn. Fresh colors, flavors, and formats are bringing a new energy to this snacking occasion.

6. Category Mimic

There were several examples of brands mimicking the look & feel of a completely different high-end product type/category such as coffee and jewelry.


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