Prototyping & Mock-Up


Nicholas Carsello

Nicholas Carsello
Business Development, Consumer Packaging & Innovation

March 5, 2019

We process information differently based on the medium through which we consume content. The exact same information seen on a screen is interpreted differently than on the pages of a paper-bound book. The same can be said about your product.

Although brick and mortar stores have seen a decline in both relevance and market share, a large portion of consumers still choose to shop in-store. Touching, handling, and feeling the product are still very much a part of many consumers’ buying decisions. People will react differently based entirely on how they interact with your product. If you have a new concept but only have computer-generated renders, you are limiting the overall experience you can provide your potential client and how they engage with your product. You are placing the mental burden on the client to imagine what the product will be like in real life. By having a physical sales sample, you can literally put your product in their hands, offering a more real and vivid product experience. You are fulfilling your clients’ needs to experience the product with their five senses. This is a vital tool when trying to produce sales.

In terms of CPGs, a sales sample can also be a very efficient means to provide proof-of-concept. Having your product in its physical form is tangible evidence of your product’s feasibility. Proving out your product’s feasibility builds trust and eliminates doubts that could arise from an onscreen model of your product. It allows your consumer or client to take the next step in the buying life cycle. This is another crucial obstacle when trying to close a sale.

A sales sample is a cost-effective and time-efficient way of showcasing your new product/concept without having to break the bank on fully functional prototypes or having to order large volumes from a larger scale manufacturer with high MOQs (minimum order quantity). We can produce 1 to 10,000, without the large-scale timelines and price tags. Sales samples are cheap and efficient, and their long-term ROI can vastly outweigh their initial cost.

Our color-matching capabilities and fast turnaround times can enable you to deliver a consistently excellent brand experience without putting a huge dent in your budget. So for your next tradeshow, sales meeting, or pitch, give us a call and let’s have a conversation about how we can help better showcase your products.