Gary Chiappetta
CEO & Managing Partner
March 13, 2020

Let’s Work Together!

With COVID-19 grabbing the attention of the entire world and delivering more uncertainty every day, our teams are monitoring the news and tracking the recommendations from the CDC and WHO to keep our business community healthy and safe during this challenging time.

Starting Monday, March 16, we will be testing and refining our action plan (originally developed for “Chiberia”) to keep our business moving forward and continue delivering against your objectives. Specifically, our plan entails reducing the number of staff members physically in the office to help limit the risk of contracting or spreading the virus. Moreover, we have enacted regular sanitation of hands and surfaces with proper sprays and wipes. We believe these actions will ensure our offices in Chicago and Cincinnati will be “clean and safe” zones as much as we can.

On behalf of the partners and managers here at Kaleidoscope, we wanted to share our business continuity plan to help us adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic which we are all facing together:

  • Our technology team has set up a secure VPN so our staff can work remotely; access our servers; and collaborate across teams. If necessary, we do have back-up technology that we have been working with for over 10 years to ensure our work goals are met.
  • We have divided our staff into four groups with different days to work remotely. They have the tools and technology to work and communicate collaboratively, safely, and securely. The groups have been deliberately selected to create redundancy, so communication and projects are not dependent on any one person.
  • Communication protocol is managed by each project and team lead utilizing our Zoom telecommunication platform as well as cell phones.
  • We have the ability and experience for remote proofing.
  • At all times, one of the Kaleidoscope business partners will be in the office when staff members are present and working, especially our “makers” who operate machinery and other necessary equipment to perform their jobs.

Thank you for trusting us with your business!

Gary Chiappetta,
Managing Partner & CEO

Fred Richards,
Managing Partner & CCO

Bert Hodapp,
Managing Partner & COO