3D Rapid Prototyping Webinar

Live 3D Rapid Prototyping webinar is Thursday, April 18 at 2 PM Eastern.

Kaleidoscope has partnered with Stratasys and Design World to deliver an all new webinar! How do you define “prototyping”? How does your group include 3D rapid prototyping into your design methodology during the conceptualization, development and implementation phases of product and structural package design? Do you include brand and graphic communications? How should your group specifically leverage 3D printing along your process?

Join Kaleidoscope Global Managing Design Director Jim Warner for a 45–minute discussion on how to get the most out of using various 3D printing technologies throughout your process. We will highlight our Iterative Design Thinking® approach to design under the auspices of a Co-Creation culture. This approach allows project stakeholders to gather and build on feedback to bring best practices to market and generate results.

Register for this 3D Rapid Prototyping Webinar here.

Update: This webinar is now live! Watch the full version below!

About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the world premiere integrated design and realization agency headquartered in Chicago with locations in New York, UK, and most recently, Los Angeles. Kaleidoscope’s multi-disciplinary teams believe in Co-Creation or collaborative partnership with clients to apply consumer-insight-driven design strategies to brand communication. Iterative Design Thinking®, the agency’s proprietary approach to design, includes the use of Rapid Ideation, Iterative Prototyping and Rapid Research to quickly gather and build on feedback from key stakeholders and consumers, bringing best practices to market. Kaleidoscope specializes in the areas of brand strategy, visual identity, product design, structural and graphic packaging design, and realization, which encompasses design implementation, artwork production and prototyping. For more information visit http://www.thinkkaleidoscope.com.