Kaleidoscope A Design Award Winner

Kaleidoscope is proud to receive the renowned Silver A’ Design Award on behalf of client Jaali Bean at Graphics and Advertising Design Competition

We’re happy to announce that the design we did for Jaali Bean has been honored with the renowned Silver A’ Design Award at Graphics and Advertising Design Competition highlighted as one of the winners by the international awarding commission of the A’ Design Awards & Competitions within numerous designs.

The initial idea for developing an accessible Indian retail offering was inspired by two individuals with worldly roots, a pulse on food trends, and ties to food service as well as an Indian heritage. Reflecting on the difference that this product could bring to the market, the team created a brand strategy to be used as a brand lens and filter to guide brand, product and package development. The driving brand essence behind all is “Accessible India,” and it is supported by attributes that represent India. This brand essence is a perfect fit to drive brand communications that speak to the core target; mostly women as well as men over the age of 25 that are adventurous, informed, responsible and healthy.

Steve Todesco, the project leader of the awarded work Jaali Bean says “Jaali Bean partnered with Kaleidoscope for an ongoing brand identity and packaging design engagement. The Jaali Bean brand name was inspired by the transformative idea behind the Hindi word jaali. Taking something hard – like preparing a homemade Indian meal – and transforming it into something beautiful, flavorful & intriguing. Utilizing a contemporary palette and a simple design language, the packaging graphics further convey Accessible India. The photography suggests fresh and homemade. The rich textured background and sophisticated details create a distinct package design.

Indian cuisine has had a place in British culture for decades, and now there is growing interest and awareness of Indian culture among the US mass market. Indian food has the highest projected growth among all ethnic segments. Additionally, close to 40% of the US population is seeking meat-free options one or more times a week. These flexitarians are a growing consumer group and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets are also growing in the US.

The Silver A’ Design Award

The Silver A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 5% percentile designs that has carried out an exemplary level of sublimity in design. The designs are judged by a panel of three different jurys which is composed of Academic, Professional and Focus Group Members. The designs are evaluated with score normalization to remove any biases and are voted on aspects such as functionality, ergonomics, engineering, presentation, innovation, usability, fun details, technology, and any other specific points that could be considered, each of these points are further weighted for different jury groups.

About A’ Design Award and Competitions

A’Design Award and Competitions, aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts and design oriented products. A’ Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience.

About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the world premiere integrated design and realization agency headquartered in Chicago with locations in New York, UK, and most recently, Los Angeles. Kaleidoscope’s multi-disciplinary teams believe in Co-Creation or collaborative partnership with clients to apply consumer-insight-driven design strategies to brand communication. Iterative Design Thinking®, the agency’s proprietary approach to design, includes the use of Rapid Ideation, Iterative Prototyping and Rapid Research to quickly gather and build on feedback from key stakeholders and consumers, bringing best practices to market. Kaleidoscope specializes in the areas of brand strategy, visual identity, product design, structural and graphic packaging design, and realization, which encompasses design implementation, artwork production and prototyping. For more information visit http://www.thinkkaleidoscope.com.