If great brand design is a relay race, implementation runs the anchor leg. Transforming design intent into a reality requires a wide range of knowledge on printing methods, finishing techniques, and materials, but also an expert attention to detail and a deep understanding of your brand. We believe in incorporating Design Implementation insights into our projects from the very beginning so we can deliver seamless design solutions while mitigating risk and ensuring efficient go-to-market timelines from the beginning of your project.

Packaging Implementation
Production Art
Adaptive Design
Digital Packaging Renderings & Retouching
Print Quality Assurance

Packaging Implementation

Implementation is an umbrella term that encompasses the process of transforming an approved design into a reality by applying it to final dielines; aligning to particular print specifications; and extending artwork onto primary pack types, line extensions, and off-pack executions. For Kaleidoscope in particular, our Design Implementation Team works alongside our Creative Teams to ensure only achievable concepts are created and identify any issues early on, thereby avoiding any potential “roadblocks” that could occur during the printing and production phases.

Production Art

Production Art involves the preparation of files so that they are printed properly and go-to-market in a timely fashion. In other words, Production Art entails successfully moving your project from concept to commercialization. Because every client and project may have different printing environments and specifications, we have grown our technical experience with production methods by working with printers and suppliers around the globe.

Adaptive Design

We use the term Adaptive Design to refer to maximizing your brand impact by extending ownable assets across a wide spectrum of on- and off- pack executions. For instance, when it is time to extend your design to additional pack types and non-packaging deliverables, our familiarity with your brand assets allow us to quickly and efficiently apply these assets across every portfolio pillar, digital messaging strategy, and in-store experience (among others) for a full brand experience.
Our Design Implementation team leverages their knowledge of print production and packaging design to ensure artwork is translated to each new structure, sub-brand or touchpoint:
Adapt Packaging Artwork to New Structures
Sub-Brand Development
In-Store Displays & Signage
Trade Ads
E-Blasts and Banner Ads
Trade Show Displays and Signage
Brand Collateral

Digital Packaging Renderings & Retouching

Digital renderings refer to 3D depictions of packaging designs that can be leveraged for a versatile range of uses. For instance, digital renderings allow stakeholders to review concepts quickly and cost-effectively or can be featured in print, TV production or e-commerce. Additionally, 3D structures and hero images can be incorporated into consumer testing, marketing materials, sales sheets and more!
At Kaleidoscope, we have several options available for 3-D software and render techniques, which allows us to capture a full range of angles, lighting, textures, and effects for your render. Beyond digital renderings, our team can also create custom digital illustrations; retouch and enhance your product photography; develop shelf sets for the evaluation of design concepts; and fulfill any other digital imaging needs that your project may require.

Print Quality Assurance

Our dedication to high-quality deliverables does not end when your artwork is released to print. In fact, we remain available to generate color targets; review printer proofs and drawdowns for color accuracy and print quality; discuss the results of print tests and initial press runs; and incorporate learnings to inform future projects. We are also happy to represent your interests at the printer and can attend on-site press checks to ensure we can all be proud of final deliverables.


Our Design Implementation team at Kaleidoscope can help you navigate the above deliverables – and more. Whatever the ask, Kaleidoscope can be your one-stop solution – we’ll be there every step of the way on your journey from idea to shelf! Please feel free to contact our team to get started!

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