Brand Packaging’s Design Gallery Volume 10 is more than just a study in good design. It provides leading examples of packaging that successfully demonstrates structural and graphic innovation, makes a strong impact at shelf, conveys a brands story, and meets consumer, shopper and retailer needs.

We’re thrilled to have been included in both the rigid plastic category and paperboard category for package design work we did for our client’s Core Power and Jaali Bean!

Jaali Bean

Indian cuisine has had a place in British culture for decades, and now there is growing interest from the U.S. market. The Jaali Bean brand introduces Indian flavors in a way that eliminates intimidation in preparing Indian food. The name was inspired by the idea of transformation behind the Hindi word “jaali”: taking something hard – such as preparing a homemade Indian meal – and transforming it into something beautiful. The playful name and identity use imagery to highlight the appetite appeal of the prepared dish, and the friendly copy enhances approachability. Easy-to-read icons list health benefits. The kits also feature a die-cut to emphasize the beautiful raw spices and lentils, reinforcing the all-natural ingredients. These simple cues help to demystify the product.

Jaali Bean Brand Packaging Design Gallery 2012

Core Power

Athletes know protein is the key to muscle recovery after a workout. Core Power is a high protein drink based on the natural nutrition of real milk meant to cater to this need. The goal of this redesign was to reposition Athlete’s Honey Milk line to appeal to a new consumer audience. That brand name, while very descriptive of the ingredients, was too narrowly focused on the elite athlete. The new name of Core Power fits a broader audience from weekend warriors to health-focused fitness enthusiasts. The brand mark evokes energy and the importance of refueling your core. Oversized typography communicates consumer demands for nutritional benefits and clearly highlights the protein content. Flavor-focused graphics capture the delicious natural ingredients ad taste that set Core Power apart.

Core Power Brand Packaging Design Gallery

The Brand Packaging 2012 Design Gallery is available to ship January of 2013. What other great packaging have you seen in 2012?