Bell's Brewery - Brand Identity
Bell's Brewery - Packaging Design


Bell’s Brewery hired Kaleidoscope to elevate the brand across their entire line of packaging while maintaining the integrity of their current assets and re-envisioning others. The challenge was to design a packaging system that would not alienate their core brand enthusiast and, at the same time, connect each unique “branded style” of brew to the Bell’s family of beers. The packaging also needed to make it easier for loyalists and newbies to easily find their favorite beer, discover new ones and experience the entire Bell’s portfolio as a unified, trusted offering.

Our solution? Immersing ourselves into an arguably obsessive and self-indulging amount of detail about how Bell’s beer is brewed, consumed and shopped. After fully understanding the heritage and strong equities of the existing Bell’s brand, we designed an updated brand identity, comprehensive architecture system, and individualized bottle caps as a unique finish to a new, freshly brewed customer experience.

Bell's Brewery - Brand Activation Hockey Rink
Bell's Brewery - Brand Identity and Bottle Caps
Bell's Brewery - Brand Activation
Bell's Brewery - Hopslam Cans



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