Unilever Dove - Brand Identity
Unilever Dove Body Polish - Brand Packaging Design


Extending a globally recognized brand into a new category is never a one-dimensional challenge. When Dove came to Kaleidoscope looking to launch a new line of body scrubs, we knew the integration of disciplines was key to setting the brand up for success within the exfoliant category. After a collaborative workshop with the brand team resulting in 15 design concepts and 32 structural models in 7 days, our team worked closely with Dove’s end manufacturer to create production-ready specs, custom 3D renderings, color and material finish strategies and much more. Long story short: Through the integration of 6 disciplines, focused collaboration and not being afraid to get our hands dirty, we were able to equip the Dove team with the solution they needed to go to market with confidence. Launching in early 2018, the Dove’s new Exfoliating Body Polish has seen early success and has paved a clean and confident path for Dove to stretch into new categories in the future.

Unilever Dove Body Polish - Product Design Concepts
Unilever Dove Body Polish - Packaging Prototypes
Unilever Dove Body Polish - In-store Retail Shelf



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