Dremel - Brand Identity
Dremel - Structural package


A technology with the potential to change the world, 3D printers have worked their way into the mainstream modern home. To meet consumer demand, Dremel launched one of the first commercially available desktop printers to be merchandised at a big box DIY retailer and hired Kaleidoscope to design an “out of the box” packaging experience. The initial package that housed the Dremel 3D printer required 76 steps to open, unpack, and assemble. The Kaleidoscope team fully documented the user experience and prioritized the steps needed to develop a user-friendly structural package. Our design guided consumers through 12 simple steps to complete the same tasks, while reducing the amount of materials and instructions to get end users up and running to print in 30 minutes.

Dremel - Opening Ceremony Step Reduction
Dremel - Opening Ceremony Step Reduction